An email list for design and technology projects.


About Projematic

Projematic is an email list to share and post design and technology projects. It's for designers looking for developers, developers looking for designers and people with projects looking for either or both.

What Projematic is not. Projematic is not a place to look for or post full-time jobs. It's not a place for large projects that require extensive scoping exercises. It's for short term gigs as well as a platform to introduce designers to developers and visa versa.

Projematic Purpose

There is a vibrant design and technology community in almost every city. Projects are a way to get paid for doing what you love and build your skill set. Indirectly, Projematic aims to connect people to one another, in turn making the community stronger, better and smarter.

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Who is Projematic?

Projematic was started by Jess Eddy. Jess is an independant UX and product consultant in New York. Jess works with startups and technology companies and is passionate about design, technology and connecting people.


It doesn't matter where you are, Projematic projects are not location specific. If you're interested in getting or posting design or technology projects that can be done from anywhere, please sign-up!

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When you sign-up, your email will join the Mailchimp email list. Your email address will not be shared or sold to anyone else. It will be used to periodically email you about projects in the community.

Traction & Experimentation

Projematic needs a certain amount of sign-ups and activity to become valuable. If you want to support Projematic and help ensure it gets off the ground, please sign-up, share with others who might be interested and Tweet a link to this page.

Questions & Contact

If you have questions or would like to contact Projematic, you can email Jess.

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